About Maria Lui

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Maria Lui is a songwriter, vocalist, remixer and emerging screen composer. Self taught on the piano, she loves to compose heart squeezing emotive pieces, and experiment in writing hybrid music, blending orchestral, electronic and sound design elements. 


Since committing to music in 2017, Maria has earned a short but diverse list of credits which has motivated her to gain a comprehensive skill set required to work as a screen composer in today’s media industry. Currently, she is pursuing her MA in Professional Media Composition, with ThinkSpace Education and The University of Chichester.


Maria's previous 17 years were spent in Europe learning golf as an adult beginner; later being trained under Mac O'Grady; working with ABC/ESPN at The British Open Golf rotations; mental game coaching on The PGA Seniors European Tour; earning her Body Matters in Golf Biomechanics, Mind Factor Mental Game Coach, and UKPGA Golf Instructor certifications; and eventually opening her own golf school upon returning to Canada.


Maria's aim is to utilize the focus and commitment traits she has learned through golf, towards her first love of music, as she climbs her next mountain.