Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Maria Lui is a screen composer, remixer, songwriter and vocalist. Self-taught on the piano, she loves to compose heart squeezing emotive pieces, create lush atmospheres, and experiment with layering orchestral, electronic and sound design elements. 


Since committing to music in 2017, Maria accumulated a short but diverse list of credits which motivated her to gain a comprehensive skill set required to work as a screen composer in today’s media industry. In 2021, she graduated with distinction, earning her MA in Professional Media Composition for Film, Television and Video Games, with ThinkSpace Education and The University of Chichester. 


Immediately after graduating, Maria created audio logo branding for Emmy awarded camera operator and editor, Artur Gajda, of ThinkFarm Productions; and contributed original score to Gajda’s documentary about an American pair of medical doctors and their young family, living in Angola, 'A Normal Life' (2021). Maria has also been a preliminary judge for The Cue Tube’s Annual Score Relief Competition, which provided an excellent ear training exercise. 

During school, she was invited onto the VIFF AMP Talent Accelerator 2020 cohort, curated by Tony Scudellari, Senior VP of Television Music at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Rob Calder of Secret Study and Vaudeville Canada. In 2021, Maria gained placement, through a blind application, onto The Screen Composers Guild Of Canada’s Annual Mentorship Program, and paired with multi Leo Awarded composer Graeme Coleman. 


Commencing in March 2022, Maria will be onboard two separate, three month mentorship programs. The first, with Jane Aurora’s Vancouver based Producers Lounge, ‘Elev-8’ Program. The second mentorship, ‘Composing for TV, Audio & Film’, sponsored by ESPN, is delivered through San Francisco based Women’s Audio Mission, and taught by Catherine Joy, President for The Alliance for Women Film Composers, and Catherine Joy Music.


Previous to schooling, the first remix Maria attempted and entered into a contest, ‘Maria Lui December Remix’, gained a spot on Collide’s remix album 'Mind and Matter' (2018). The previous year, she provided the title track, and co-composed an original score with platinum and Juno awarded producers and musicians, Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall and Jeremy Breaks, which received a Best Score nomination at The Pitch to Screen Film Awards, for multi award winning independent film, 'The Doctor's Case' (2018), written by Stephen King and adapted for screen by James Douglas. Maria also contributed vocals and instrumentation to an electronic band’s debut release ‘Black Line’ (2018); and released her own three track instrumental EP ‘Emergence’ (2018).


Maria's previous 17 years, before her return to music, were lived in Europe learning golf as an adult beginner. She later became the only female in Europe to be trained under Mac O'Grady (MORAD), alongside PGA Tour Professionals and UK National Coaches. She earned her Body Matters in Golf Biomechanics, Mind Factor Mental Game Coach, and UKPGA Golf Instructor certifications; and worked for ESPN/ABC during The British Open Golf Championship tournaments for 5 seasons, covering the men’s, women’s and senior’s rotations. Maria was also a mental game coach and caddy on The European PGA Senior Men's Tour; and upon her return to Canada, operated her own golf school attached to The 108 Golf Resort.


Maria aims to apply the work ethic, focus and commitment traits she gained through golf, towards her journey back into music; and hopes to be rewarded with rich life experiences attained through developing her skills, overcoming milestones and creatively expressing herself through music. 

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