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Black Line 
//guest vocals & instrumentation//
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Artwork by Steven R. Gilmore

An extraordinary moment with Black Line - unplugged and impromptu rendition of Sedition 
Bonerowski Palace, Krakow, Poland 2018.   L-R: Zack Meyers, Bon Harris, Douglas J. McCarthy, Maria Lui.


BLACK LINE is an experiment with a collaborative approach. With a small core team, each track represents a moment in time, constantly evolving in both style and collaborators. Using both the most high tech systems and low tech means to capture a unique sound through its recording process. With their first release'Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities', BLACK LINE continues to define its signature sound.

Cyrusrex - Production / Synthesis / Instrumentation / Engineering

Cyrusrex has an extended history in the Electronic Music Scene. Previous to founding the BLACK LINE Project Cyrusrex has had a history in producing, remixing, touring and collaborating with a multitude of artists including DJM/REX, Skinny Puppy, Venetian Snares, Depeche Mode, Modwheelmood (Alessandro Cortini), Big Black Delta, Snog and continues to remix and produce assorted projects.

Douglas J. McCarthy - Vocals / Production

Douglas J McCarthy is a founding member of NITZER EBB, formed in 1982. McCarthy has a long standing partnership with French Techno producer, Terence Fixmer as FIXMER/MCCARTHY. In 2010 NITZER EBB released their sixth studio album, ‘INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX’. Subsequently McCarthy embarked on his first solo album, 'KILL YOUR FRIENDS', collaborating with Cyrusrex for the first time. Released in 2013, it led to this new musical partnership, BLACK LINE.

Zack Meyers - Production / Instrumentation / Vocals

Zack Meyers has worked in music the last decade. Zack is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Zack started ghost writing for numerous top 40 artists in the late 2000s before pivoting into writing for film and television. Most recently he contributed to the first season of Jeff and some Aliens on Comedy Central.

Ken ‘Hiwatt’ Marshall - Production / Engineering

Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall is a music producer, engineer and composer. He adopted the trade name ‘hiwatt’ during his early introduction to industrial music and has tooled a unique sound and style. Ken was awarded a platinum album for his contribution to Linkin Park’s ‘Reanimation’ and his works have been featured on several multi-platinum video game titles and primetime broadcast TV shows.

Derrick Baseck - Percussion / Synthesis

Baseck's roots run deep in L.A.'s underground rave scene since the early 90s. Since 2013, Baseck has been working with synthesizer companies offering design concepts that will enhance user playability - Dave Smith’s analog drum machine, Tempest, is released with presets designed by Baseck and Variatic Basicus, a Eurorack module created by Noise Engineering, was built for his live performance needs.

Bon Harris - Synthesis / Production

Bon Harris is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a founding member of NITZER EBB, programming Nitzer Ebb's signature sound. Harris has collaborated with Depeche Mode, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Marilyn Manson. Harris resides in Los Angeles and continues to work as a film and TV composer.

Brad Apodaca - Synthesis / Programming

Brad is a multi instrumentalist / sound designer / Synthesist. Also involved with the ambient project FEAR OF GHOSTS.

Michael ‘prophei’ Dietel - Production / Programming

prophei is an experimental musician in the underground music scene in California for the last 20 years. His work has included film, remixing, production, sound design, and live music performance.

Anthony Baldino - Sound Design / Synthesis

Anthony is a composer and sound designer that has been producing music for the past decade working in film trailers and video games, remixing various artists, and performing in many of Los Angeles' modular music events. His recent works have found their way into the campaigns for 'Rogue One: A star Wars Story', 'Ex Machina, 'Jurassic World' and others.

Paul Barker - Bass Guitar

Paul Barker has played bass for among others Ministry; REVCO and Pigface. He is currently touring with Puscifer.

Christian Eigner - Live Drums

Christian Eigner is a drummer, composer, live and session musician. He has been performing with Depeche Mode since 1997, as their drummer. He has also co-written Depeche Mode tracks with lead singer Dave Gahan since 2005, most notably the Grammy-nominated Depeche Mode single "Suffer Well" from the album Playing the Angel. Most Recent tour: DEPECHE MODE, GLOBAL SPIRIT TOUR.

Jon Bates - Guest Vocals / Production / Instrumentation

Jon Bates is Big Black Delta

Mark Walk - Vocal Production

Producer behind Skinny Puppy and OhGr.

Maria Lui - Guest Vocals / Instrumentation

Artwork by Steven R. Gilmore

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