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Collide // ReMixer
'Intruder' - (Maria Lui December Remix)
May 22nd, 2018

Collide "Mind & Matter" double album 

Collide are back with their best remix album yet!

Released: 5/22/2018
Label:  Noiseplus Music
Product Code:  Noise 017

Also released as an Instrumental version

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May 1, 2018 · 

Today's Mind & Matter remixer / collaborator profile is for Maria Lui.

Maria did a remix for the song "Intruder", and is probably one of the most jaw dropping remixes on the album. It takes the song into a totally orchestral place, that will leave you with goosebumps!! Here's what she had to say about herself and doing the remix.

"Hello Collide Fans! After 17 amazing years of building a career in golf swings, I decided just last year to make the giant leap back into writing! Maybe because I shut one door and opened another, I've had the opportunities to co-score a film, perform on stage and experiment doing my first remix ever, thanks to Collide, who provided this super cool contest that ANYONE could enter!!

I chose the song 'Intruder' because kaRIN's lyrics and exquisite voice, captured me completely. My interpretation was written as an orchestral piece, mirroring kaRIN's soulful expression, magnifying all the convoluted emotions that we sometimes find ourselves struggling through when facing huge life decisions. The remix holds great significance for me because it reflects my own decisions in returning to music! "

March 14th, 2018

Collide "Mind & Matter" double album

Hello Awesome Humans!

Thanks so much for being here.  We could not do this without you!

We are excited to announce that we are getting ready to release our 
latest album, “Mind & Matter”!

With anything pre-ordered here, you’ll get some exclusive song previews and videos that you won’t see anywhere else…and of course, any item includes the digital download of the album “Mind & Matter”.

This is a double-album of remixes, featuring songs from our last album, “Color of Nothing”. Included in this 29 song release are 2 new unreleased cover songs: (Yaz’s “Winter Kills”, and our own take on John Lennon’s “Imagine”), as well as a brand new, unreleased Collide song, “Holding Back”. The physical version will be released in a double cd pack.

Special guest remixers include Bret from Blue Stahli, and Jason Slater from Snake River Conspiracy, as well as Kevin Kipnis from Purr Machine, and Wade Alin, who has remixed our songs beginning with our first album, “Beneath the Skin”.

Other tracks on this album are from remix contest that brought in hundreds of remixes from all over the world.   We hand-picked our favorites and were really blown away by all of the awesome talent out there.   The competition was fierce, and we think this is our best remix album to date.

Remixers from our contest include: Alien Nation, BIINDS, Blue Sky Alive, D’ MacKinnon, Digital Gnosis, Giant Monsters on the Horizon, Modern Vultures, Jason Yates, Katarrhaktes, LGVela, Maria Lui, Nathan Charlson: Milkfixer, Pappy (a.k.a. Throe), Rale Daver, Rick Moore, The_boundless, The Stitchlings, Tkivo, Vladan Hranisavljevic, The Wave and the Particle, Zero Meaning

We hope that everyone will help to spread the word that we are releasing 
this album, we really need to make this happen!!

Extra special love & thanks to all of the remixers involved, and to 
everyone who helps out through our Pledgemusic Campaign.

Color of Nothing Remix Contest

Jan. 16th 2018


We are always really excited to hear that there are so many talented remixers out there!! We love hearing all the different takes on our songs, and were honored that so many people wanted to take part in the remixing of Color of Nothing.

After a lot of listening and more listening, we have the list of winners to our recent remix contest.There was more competition than ever this time around, and the competition was fierce. All of the remixes will appear on our upcoming double remix album. We also have some special songs of our own that will be on the album, as well as some other special remixers that we will be announcing later!

We don’t have a release date yet, but we will keep you updated.

Our eternal thanks to all of the remixers for helping to make this happen.

Here are the winners!!

Blue Sky Alive
D' MacKinnon of Kheperi Global Media LLC
Digital Gnosis
Giant Monsters on the Horizon
Hunter Vaughan of Modern Vultures
Jason Yates
Maria Lui
Nathan Charlson: Milkfixer
Pappy (a.k.a. Throe)
Rale Daver
Rick Moore
The Boundless
The Stitchlings
Vladan Hranisavljevic
The Wave and the Particle (x2)
Zero Meaning

Until next time,

Much love from the people who bring you Collide

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